Thursday, June 01, 2006

US Customs in Canada?

OK, here's something I've always wondered about. I occasionally travel to Canada on business,often passing through the Vancouver airport (great airport, by the way!). When coming back in to the US through Vancouver, you are able to pass through US Customs and Immigration Control while still in Canada. There are US Customs and Border Protection officers that work at the Vancouver airport processing the folks traveling to the US. I had not seen any sort of radios in use by the CBP officers in Vancouver until recently.

On my last return trip I noticed a VHF CBP radio at the CBP check point and wondered what frequency they might be using. Since Vancouver is not that far from the US border, could they be simply trying to hit a repeater in the US, or is there a repeater or remote receive site at Vancouver airport? They didn't use the radio while I was in the area, and searching the VHF federal bands produced a lot of extraneous traffic, as the Canadian band plan is totally different that the US.

So, does anyone have any indication of US Customs & Border Protection frequencies in use at the Vancouver International Airport???

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