Friday, April 20, 2007

NASA JSC Shooting

News reports indicate a suspect fired two gun shots then barricaded himself in Building 44 at the Johnson Space Center campus in Houston, Texas. As of the time of this blog entry, the situation was still unfolding.

For those wondering about monitoring the situation at JSC, the best bet would be listening to the Houston police conventional UHF frequencies for any activity. The Johnson Space Center does have a UHF federal trunked system for all of it's radio communications, but at last check all the radios were using P-25 digital mode with encryption enabled full time.

For future reference:

NASA Johnson Space Center
Motorola Smart Zone
System ID B32C
406.2375 MHz
407.0375 MHz
407.2375 MHz
407.4375 MHz
407.6375 MHz
408.5500 MHz
409.5125 MHz
409.7125 MHz
409.9125 MHz

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