Friday, May 18, 2007

New BoP System Info

In the quest to document and build a database of Bureau of Prisons radio systems, there have been some BoP facilites that we just don't have any information on. Some are located in rural areas that just may not have any listeners nearby. This is probably the case for the Federal Correctional Complex in Forrest City, Arkansas.

I happened to be in nearby Memphis, TN and made a side trip over to see what I could find about the FCC Forrest City's radio system. Here is what I found:

Federal Correctional Complex Forrest City

Motorola Type II SmartNet

System ID - a733

Base - 406.8125

Step - 12.5

Offset - 380








The system is using P-25 digital voice and seems to be very busy.

This system information will be added to the Fed Files BoP Database that is available for download on the Monitoring Times website. It is in the "Readers Only" section of the site, and requires a password found in the latest issue of Monitoring Times magazine.

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