Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"VIPR" Airport Security Program

Local media is reporting an increase of federal law enforcement presence at the Portland International Airport (PDX) as part of a TSA program called VIPR. The program includes ramped-up security operations at randomly chosen airports and other facilities.

VIPR, standing for Visible Intermodal Protection and Response, has conducted missions at various events and transportation facilities over the last 18 months. The teams include canine teams, Transportation Security officers trained in behavior observation, air marshal supervisors, air marshals not scheduled for flights, surface transportation security inspectors and local police.

A quick search of the TSA web site ( shows quite a few news releases on the VIPR program

VIPR Teams were also in Portland for the Rose Festival back in July, but local media did not report on this.

No specific communications frequencies have been noted, but increased traffic (encrypted) on the Justice IWN trunked system here in Portland may be a result of this operation.

More as it becomes available...

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