Monday, March 02, 2009

More From Houston-Updated

Just getting ready to depart the Houston area from IAH, and found a few interesting items.

168.9250 MHz, 167.9 and 171.1750 MHz, 167.9 are both keying up with no audio, sometimes noise on the input side. Both frequencies appear to be repeater outputs, but 171.1750 MHz is giving me Close Call hits at IAH (George Bush Intercontinental Airport), so it's very near there.

Caught some simplex P-25 traffic on 414.5625 MHz, NAC 168. No idea who this might be as it was encrypted and I have nothing on this frequency being assigned to anyone.

And caught 169.3000 MHz, with a NAC of N009 several times. This is the TSA frequency that is normally used as an input to a repeater on 172.9000 MHz. However N009 appears to be used on this frequency in the simplex mode. First time I've caught this in use.

And while waiting in Terminal A for my flight, I heard an analog repeater key up with a noisy input on 172.9000 MHz, no PL tone. Yes, that is the TSA repeater frequency, but it was clearly getting keyed up in analog. The signal strength seemed to indicate that the repeater was not located at IAH, but probably near by.

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