Thursday, May 27, 2010

Arizona Border Activity

Down in Arizona on a short vacation and have been observing some new and previously unknown frequencies active. The usual CBP Border Patrol and Customs channels are busy as always. But the unknown ones, mostly encrypted, keeping the users unknown for now, but I've got some guesses:

163.6250 MHz, 151.4 pl - Still hearing an analog Border Patrol repeater somewhere.
167.8250 MHz, N293 - Western Area Power Administration (WAPA -
167.9250 MHz, N293 - WAPA
167.9750 MHz, N293 - WAPA
168.8250 MHz - Heard with multiple NAC's of N167, N340 & N710
169.9375 MHz, N330
170.3500 MHz, N340
170.4375 MHz, N230 - Reported as a repeater in Nogales, AZ
173.0500 MHz, N001
173.1875 MHz - Heard with both N001 and N230
409.4000 MHZ, N910
414.9750 MHZ, N115

I suspect the 169.9375, 170.3500, 170.4375 and 173.1875 might be DHS ICE repeaters.

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