Friday, June 11, 2010

Denver Federal Scanning

Just had some short time with the radios during a recent trip to the Denver area. Here's some of what I was able to catch:

162.2250, CSQ - US Postal Service
165.2375, 100.0 - DHS CBP Customs with some OTAR
166.2750 - Mixed mode P-25 and analog, probably US Mint
166.4625, CSQ - Unknown agency doing aerial survellance
166.5875, 100.0 - DHS CBP Customs with more OTAR
167.4625, N167 - Denver FBI
168.5250 - Unknown agency, heard multiple DTMF tones
170.1000, N167 - More FBI?
170.6750, N875 - Unknown agency
170.7500 - US Marshals Federal Courthouse
413.9250 - Federal Reserve

In addition to these conventional channels, heard lots of traffic on the Federal Front Range Trunked system that serves Denver and Buckley ARB. Also caught the UHF system at the Federal Correctional Institution aat Englewood.

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