Thursday, October 28, 2010

SF World Series Game One

I'm in San Francisco for the 2010 World Series. We did game 1 on Wednesday night and only had a short time to listen to the scanner, but did find some federal activity in SF, some related to the events at the ball park...

162.6125, 127.3pl - US Capitol Police security detail for Speaker Palosi at the game.
164.4000, N001 - USSS PAPA-Active for FLOTUS visit to SF on Monday.
165.2125, N001 - USSS MIKE-Active for FLOTUS visit to SF on Monday.
165.3750, N001 - USSS CHARLIE-Active for FLOTUS visit to SF on Monday.
166.4625, 100.0 pl - Units outside stadium, not sure which agency.
167.0500, ?pl - What should be the FCC, simplex use around the stadium.

170.9250, N167 - FBI special event units on location in stadium.

Thats all so far, but will update with anything new from Game 2...

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