Thursday, April 07, 2016

Federal Use of DMR

In the January 2016 issue of The Spectrum Monitor, I listed a few confirmed frequencies that seem to be carrying a digital mode called DMR (the Digital Mobile Radio standard), or what Motorola sells as MotoTRBO digital mode. This was considered unusual for a while, as most federal agencies were required to use the chosen standard digital mode, which is APCO P-25. But some federal agencies are exempt from the requirement and buy whatever types of radios they can afford.

Here is that list and I ask that anyone who has stumbled across federal frequencies using DMR to pass them along ot keep the list up to date!

165.4125         Narraganset, RI - Environmental Protection Agency
165.5375         Bedford MA - VA Medical Center Maintenance
171.3875         Mt. Hopkins, AZ - Smithsonian, F.L. Whipple Observatory
173.9875         Providence, RI - VA Medical Center Maintenance
406.1375         Philadelphia, PA
406.1375         Portland, OR
406.2875         Philadelphia, PA
406.3875         Washington, DC - U.S. Capitol
406.5000         Boston, MA
406.5375         New York City, NY
406.5375         New Orleans, LA
406.5375         St. Louis, MO
406.5500         Seattle, WA - U.S. Postal Service Operations
406.6625         Chicago, IL - Federal Reserve Bank
406.9375         Las Vegas, NV - U.S. Postal Service Operations
407.2500         Boston, MA
407.2500         Philadelphia, PA
407.2500         Seattle, WA - U.S. Postal Service Operations
407.3375         Los Angeles, CA
407.5375         Chicago, IL
407.5500         Chicago, IL
407.5500         Seattle, WA - U.S. Postal Service Operations
407.9375         Las Vegas, NV
407.9375         New Orleans, LA
407.9375         Federal Way, WA - U.S. Postal Service Operations
408.0000         Portland, OR
408.1000         Los Angeles, CA
408.5125         Washington, DC - U.S. Capitol
409.1375         Federal Way, WA - U.S. Postal Service Operations
409.4375         Vancouver, WA - VA Medical Center
409.7375         Los Angeles, CA
409.7750         Philadelphia, PA - IRS Facility
409.8375         Washington, DC - U.S. Capitol
413.5250         San Diego, CA
415.2500         Baltimore, MD
416.8375         New Hampshire, unknown location - U.S. Postal Service

Not on this list was some DMR activity heard in South Florida a while back on some known TSA frequencies. I had received information that the TSA was demoing the DMR radios as they were looking to purchase new equipment. The testing lasted for a short time and has not been heard since.

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