Sunday, June 26, 2016

Changes in San Antonio Military Systems

Over the past few weeks I've been seeing reports on the Radio Reference forums of some changes occuring in the UHF trunked systems used by the various military bases and facilites in the San Antonio, Texas area. These facilities include Fort Sam Houston, Kelly, Randolph and Lackland Air Force Base and Camp Bullis, northwest of San Antonio.

Previously, the various military facilities had been sharing a Motorola Type II trunking system. The various bases are now migrating towards a new APCO P-25 Phase II digital system. The new system is showing a System ID of 3D6 and is showing it is capable of Phase II TDMA operation, but I've not confirmed that Phase II operation is actually taking place. A number of new military UHF trunked systems are advertising that they are TDMA capable, but the users are not necessarily using that feature yet.

This system is showing that it is networked with other US Air Force bases around the country. Here is a link to the new sites and frequencies in use:

You can follow the threads here:

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